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COVID-19 Information

MARCH 16, 2020

To: Drilling Dynamics Customer base
Re: Corona Virus

As you are aware, life as we know it has changed significantly, both at home and here in our workplace for at least the near future or possibly longer. During this time Drilling Dynamics is committed to doing its part to limit the spread of the virus by adhering to any rules and regulations put forth by our local government and the agencies that serve them. Our employees are being instructed to wear gloves, wash their hands and limit their social exposure by staying out of restaurants, bars, stores, etc; as well postponing any travel plans if possible. We will do our best to ship our customers parts as expeditiously as possible considering the seriousness of the situation we are all currently in. Sporting events, concerts, large gatherings, universities as well as both public and private schools have all been closed until further notice leaving parents with no choice, but to be home with their young children. All of the aforementioned will undoubtedly have an affect on our ability to meet our customers delivery requirements. Moving forward we will be working longer hours in an effort to increase production, but will not be hiring new employees until we are certain that our healthcare system has this under control. I would like our customers to know that we are doing our best to navigate these unchartered waters and that we truly appreciate their business...let's beat this together. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Tasneem Ahmed, General Manager
Drilling Dynamics LLC.

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